Plant Banská Bystrica

Establishing the state owned enterprise Letecke opravovne Banska Bystrica (Aircraft Equipment Repair Shop) in 1947 as well as its further development was directly related to new set up of the Air Force in former Czechoslovakia. The company was from the early beginning  oriented on electro technical production, servicing military air traffic and air defence control systems, remote control systems, meteorological equipment and in short period also ultralight aircraft manufacturing. State owned enterprise was gradually transformed to joint stocj company in 2006, later, in 2009 merged with VOP Trenčín, and from January 1-st 2014 incorporated into MSM Martin as a branch plant.


Address: Sládkovičova 6014/29, 974 05 Banská Bystrica
Phone: 048/434 54 02