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  • VMS 07

    The VMS 07 submachine gun is a modern automatic hand-held gun with a fixed barrel and a partly locked breech system. The machine gun can be easily operated by both the left-handed and right-handed, as well as spent case ejection to the right or left can be selected due to its design. The cocking lever of the weapon is located in the area above the barrel. The design is stationary, i.e. it is in the front position during the firing and it does not move together with the breech bolt. Sights are fitted on the upper part of the upper breech bolt housing on a MIL-STD-1913 rail and they also provide aiming when accessories are installed. The upper breech bolt housing, trigger and striking mechanism lower housing, front stock, as well as other plastic components are made of high strength polymer. The VMS 07 offers comfort and accuracy with its concept of firing with a partly locked breech bolt in the front position. The VMS 07 can be easily dismantled into main components groups for the purpose of maintenance and cleaning without using any tools.