VÝVOJ Martin, Inc.

VYVOJ Martin, a.s. is a progressive company with a rich history. The tradition in research and development is strengthened by experience in the field of engineering and especially the defense industry. VYVOJ Martin, a.s. concentrates a wide range of activities in this industrial segment. The multi-product platform includes prototype, piece and small series production. The portfolio also includes the development of various unique machines and equipment. Specialized experts guarantee a comprehensive solution of development work of a construction and design nature, while the implementation of "high-tech" is possible thanks to flexible links to the production capacities of other companies. VYVOJ Martin, a.s. occupies an important position in today's oversized global market.

With the privatization in 2004, the company was transformed into a dynamically developing company. It advances flexibly in accordance with market needs and customer requirements while maximizing the economic use of human and technological potential. VYVOJ Martin, a.s. can implement and deliver to the customer unconventional solutions in the field of defense and engineering industry. Every year, its professional teams strive to innovate and develop technology using new knowledge of science and technology.

The company is customer-oriented and its priority is the delivery of products, including services on time, and within the agreed budget. The priority is to provide a solution that brings the customer a competitive advantage in particular.

We are interested in a nicer, better, cleaner and safer world ...