The winner of the Dakar Rally drives under the VOP Nováky logo

We are a proud sponsor of one of the most successful racing teams in the world, winner of the Dakar Rally, owner of six world speed records and multiple champion in tractor-trailers - BUGGYRA RACING.

This team is specific to its own concept of racing engines. The original Baghira logo, which served as the basis for the current logo, was designed in 1969 by the well-known Czech designer and car builder Václav Král. He is also the author of the vehicle design - the Tatra sand buggy, which started the successful, long-lasting journey of Buggyra Racing.

Today, the team is overcoming the toughest challenges. Its riders, including a woman, are conquering endurance racing championships and the legendary Dakar circuit. Our VOP Nováky logo has been added to the bonnets of their cars, making us one of their proud sponsors.

If you're wondering how "our" team is doing or where you can see and hear them live next, keep an eye on