• We are packing for Riyadh

    Posted on 12. January 2024 03:10

    In just a few days, we'll report back to you from sunny Saudi Arabia. MSM GROUP is part of the World Defence Show for five days, from 2 to 8 February 2024.

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  • At the Fiocchi shooting day

    Posted on 9. October 2023 08:30

    In the beautiful surroundings of Lonato del Garda in northern Italy, the first Fiocchi Shooting day took place, testing our shooting skills and team spirit.

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  • September exhibition tour

    Posted on 21. August 2023 11:00

    Preparations for the upcoming exhibitions are in full swing. This time we are heading north to Poland and England, where the top international defence community meets.

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  • The winner of the Dakar Rally drives under the VOP Nováky logo

    Posted on 13. July 2023 04:35

    We are a proud sponsor of one of the most successful racing teams in the world, winner of the Dakar Rally, owner of six world speed records and multiple champion in tractor-trailers - BUGGYRA RACING.

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    Posted on 4. May 2023 08:35

    Our monthly exhibitions start in Greece, from there we move to Spain and the last stop will be the neighbouring Czech Republic, where we will be presenting an almost complete line-up of companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group.

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  • Meeting with city management of Dubnica nad Váhom

    Posted on 24. March 2023 02:45

    As one of the biggest employers in Dubnica nad Váhom, we discussed projects which aim to increase residents' quality of life with the mayor and his team.

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